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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NEEDLEBAR group and ISMACS, who taught me everything I needed to be a sewing machines amateur. Thanks also to all those people devoted to the research and preservation of antique, vintage and modern sewing machines. This Mirror site has been uploaded to ensure that the wonderful Fiddlebase site does not get lost in the future due to being taken off-line for any reason. This Mirror is a fixed mirror taken from the original site in 2021 and will not be updated. It is an archive only site made available for research purposes only. Please do not copy the content contained within this mirror as it is copyrighted to the original crator. Thank you and Enjoy. Mirror created by Gates Museum.


The collecting of sewing machines is enjoyed by many enthusiasts worldwide. This resource is intended to help novice collectors in their discovery of the world of vintage sewing machines.


I am very keen to include additional examples of Frister & Rossmann machines that are not currently represented in the collection.


Anyone interested in helping me with the website is welcome.

If you have a F&R sewing machine you can help me by contacting me or just emailing some pictures and any other information you have.


E-mail: enricouk@hotmail.com


This pages are far from complete, so you will see further machines and information added from time to time.



Last update was made on  11/06/2019

What the people say of the "FIDDLEBASE"



This site has some great information on vintage sewing machines, particularly Frister & Rossmann.



The web site presents the history of the sewing machine in a transparent form and details the history and the products of the Frister & Rossmann company in Berlin.


Mainly Frister and Rossmann but some useful information on other machines.


Thank you